Economy and Business 05


Can Japanese overcome its current economic difficulties?



 I think Japanese can overcome its current economic difficulties in three ways.
 The first way is developing businesses geared for elderly people. As the number of seniors has been increasing, it will surely boost Japanese economy. For example, as the number of elderly tourists has increased, if the government develops more eco-tourism programs, it will have a beneficial effect on economy and also it will help keep the balance of nature and preserve historical heritage.
 The second way is increasing tax on cigarettes. If the government raises tax on cigarettes, Japan can get more money which they can use for the economy. Moreover it will help smokers who want to quit smoking to quit. Furthermore since passive smoking is very harmful to non-smokers, if tax on cigarettes increases and hence the number of smokers will decrease, it is very beneficial to non-smokers.
 The third way is abolishing consumption tax. If consumption tax is abolished, people will buy more commodities and foods, and consequently, it will enhance the economy.
 As I mentioned above, Japanese can overcome its current economic difficulties in the aforementioned three ways.