Economy and Business 04


What can be done to improve the Japanese economy?



 Since Japanese economy has been deteriorating for a long time, it is obvious that we have to do something to improve it. I think there are three major solutions.
 The first major solution is education reform. Education in Japan kills children’s individuality. Therefore many people get jobs that they even don’t like and they are not best at. But if teachers encourage children to flower their potential to full extent instead of making them study subjects that they are not good at, it will vastly increase the level of education. And then they will get jobs that they love and they are best at, which will definitely cultivate the economy.
 The second major solution is giving people, especially women and foreigners more opportunities to work. The more opportunities people get, the more the workforce has increased. The more the workforce has increased, the higher the productivity gets. Hence it will definitely enhance the economy.
 The last major solution is developing industries geared for elderly people. In this aging society, the number of old people has been increasing more and more. Accordingly, industries geared for elderly people will surely make a great profit. And consequently it will boost the economy.
 As I mentioned above, there are three major solutions to improve the Japanese economy. They are education reform, giving people more job opportunities and developing industries geared for elderly people.


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