Economy and Business 03


The increasing unemployment rate in Japan



 Nowadays there is the increasing unemployment rate in Japan and I know there are a lot of causes, but I think there are two major problems and solutions.
 The first problem is that Japan’s recession arising mainly from its dwindling consumer demand has inflicting a lot of fear and anxiety on Japanese people, which aggravates the unemployment rate in Japan. I think Japan needs to find some innovative and more pragmatic way to fill the gap caused by inadequate consumer demand. One way is massive deregulation that encourages new consumer demands. Another way is a taxation system that allows the government to provide more public goods and services of value to consumer.
 The second problem is that more and more young Japanese people prefer not to work full-time, which also exacerbates the unemployment in Japan. I think Japanese companies should offer more job opportunities to many people, especially young Japanese people. I think it is the big challenge and social responsibility for Japanese companies to offer more job opportunities to young people.
 To sum up, Japan should find a new sensible way to boost its consumer demand and Japanese companies should provide more job opportunities in order to improve its unemployment rate.