Culture 07


Advantages and disadvantages of package tours



 I think there are the following two primary advantages and disadvantages of package tours.
 The first advantage is that it is easy for beginners to participate in. For people who are not used to travel, it is much safer than traveling alone because everything is arranged by travel agency and one can get help from tour guides if one is in trouble.
 The second advantage is that people can go to sight-seeing spots effectively. With experienced tour guides who know the famous spots and the shortest routes, one can go sightseeing without getting lost in a strange place and wasting time.
 The first disadvantage is that it does not give you much freedom. Most of it is planned by travel agency so that travelers do not get much free time. Therefore, one may be unable to go to places where one wants to go and one may have to go to places where one does not want to go.
 The second disadvantage is that it will be tough if the members of the same package tour are not the type of people who one wants to trip with. It may spoil the trip which should be fun.
 In conclusion, these are the two primary advantages and disadvantages of package tours.