Culture 06


Cautions to Japanese tourists in foreign countries



 There are the following four primary cautions to Japanese tourists in foreign countries.
 The first caution is to learn about the destination country beforehand. Things which are not illegal or taboo in Japan may be illegal or taboo in some countries. The climate there may be extreme and unpredictable. The water there may be unsanitary. Having learned these things beforehand, one can avoid unnecessary troubles.
 The second caution is to keep in close contact with people, in both Japan and the destination country, who you can trust and get help from all the time during the trip. By this, one can get outside help if something happens.
 The third caution is to always keep the valuables such as money and passport in a safe place and never lose them.
 The fourth caution is to be prepared and aware of and stay away from danger all the time. Staying away from dangerous places and having learned what to do in emergency such as when one gets sick or injured, one can deal with contingencies effectively without being panic.
 As I mentioned, these four things are the primary cautions to Japanese tourists in foreign countries.