Aging Society 07


Can age restrictions in the workforce be justified?



 I believe that age restrictions in the workforce cannot be justified for the three following reasons.
 The first reason is that there is already serious lack of workforce. In this aging society where the number of elderly people has been increasing and that of young people has been decreasing, there is serious shortage of workforce. Therefore, now is not the time to reduce workforce by age restrictions.
 The second reason is that any discrimination cannot be justified because there is no logical explanation for it, and even if there is, every rule has its exception. Any unreasonable generalizations are just subjective one-sided illogical opinions. In this modern age where we have a lot of problems to solve, it is no time for us, intelligent human beings, to be brainwashed by these preposterous stereotypes.
 The third reason is that the elderly people may be likely to be much more capable than young people actually. The more experience people have, the more capable they become. The longer they live, the more sophisticated they become. Therefore, it is only natural to believe that it is unfair to discriminate seasoned elderly people just because of their age. They have to be evaluated based not on their age but on their personality and ability.
 In conclusion, for the aforementioned three reasons I believe that age restrictions in the workforce cannot be justified.