Aging Society 06


Social security system for the aging society



 I have two suggestions to improve social security system for the aging society.
 The first suggestion is to abolish the pension system. The present pension system is hardly sustainable already and will be much harder to maintain as the number of elderly people has been increasing and that of young people has been decreasing. Moreover, there are a lot of unreasonable features about the present pension system, such as the fact that citizens, including poor people, have to pay for no less than 25 years to receive the pension. What happens to people who have paid for 24 years? They don’t get any. This is nothing but a fraud. For these reasons, it is really beneficial to abolish this extremely unfair system altogether.
 The second suggestion is to establish “the elderly support tax”. Instead of the present pension system, it is far more practical and fair to establish “the elderly support tax” in which people above a certain age, say 65, can receive the certain amount of money despite of how much they have paid before, and people have to pay the premium in proportion to their income similarly to income tax. In this way, all the elderly people can make ends meet and rich people can contribute to the elderly through this “the elderly support tax”.
 As I mentioned, these are my two suggestions to improve social security for the aging society.