Aging Society 05


Tax system for the aging society



 As the society has been aging rapidly, there are more and more problems and now I would like to suggest changes in tax system to improve the aging society.
 Firstly, the government should abolish consumption tax because it promotes more consumption and reduces the burden on elderly people, consequently it enhances the economy. Therefore, the abolition of consumption tax surely ameliorates the aging society.
 Secondly, the government should abolish the present pension system because it has a lot of problems and is no longer sustainable. Furthermore, it is so unfair that already rich politicians can receive pension just by 10 years payment while ordinary citizens have to pay for 25 years in order to be a recipient. Hence it is better to abolish this unfair system altogether.
 Thirdly, the government should establish “elderly support tax” instead of pension where how much people must pay depends on their income similarly to income tax and all the elderly people can receive the same amount no matter how much they have paid. This is a great way for the rich to support the poor.
 In conclusion, I believe that it is better to abolish consumption tax and the present pension system, and establish the “elderly support tax” in order to improve the society.