Aging Society 03


How will the aging population affect our society?



 I think the aging population will affect our society in three bad ways.
 Firstly, as the number of elderly people is increasing, it will be more and more difficult to maintain the health insurance system. Since often many people have to rely on medical care as they grow old, the aging society will impose a heavier burden of medical care on the government and consequently, it will have devastating effect on Japan’s economy.
 Secondly, the aging population causes problems surrounding pension. As the number of elderly people increases, it is being more and more difficult for the government to keep paying elderly people enough money to make ends meet. Moreover, it is putting a heavier burden of pension premium on young people as our society is aging. These things are putting many people in a financial predicament.
 Finally, the aging population aggravates the attrition of nursing workforce. The shortage of nurses is a worldwide phenomenon and as the number of senior people increases, there will be a greater demand for nurses.
 As I mentioned, I think the aging population will affect our society in the aforementioned three bad ways.


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