Aging Society 02


Problems facing senior citizens today



 I think there are three major problems that senior citizens are facing today.
 The first major problem is discrimination in the working environment. There aren’t enough opportunities for senior citizens to work in equal terms with young people these days, and this is a big problem.
 The second major problem is the issues surrounding pension. As the amount of pension they can receive has been decreasing, the standard of their life is deteriorating. Moreover since often many elderly people have to spend more money on health care as they grow old, the fact that they can receive only a small amount of money as pension is a serious problem.
 The third major problem is the attrition of the nursing workforce. As the number of elderly people is increasing, there is a great demand for nurses. Some research has shown that as much as 70% of hospitals are lacking in nurses today and what’s more the unemployment rate is rising rapidly. Therefore the government should invest more money on hospitals in order to give people more job opportunities and to ameliorate the nursing shortage.
 As I mentioned, there are the aforementioned three major problems senior citizens are facing today.