Aging Society 01


Problems with the aging society



 The issue of problems with the aging society has been a controversial one for many years in Japan. There are a lot of reasons for this and the major problems behind this are twofold as follows.
 Firstly, as the retirement of the baby boomer generation is leading to the aging society, the number of working people is decreasing day by day. I think Japanese government and company should enlarge the opportunity for female and foreign labor force in order to alleviate the attrition of the workforce.
 Secondly, as the elderly populations rises, medical and pension costs surge. Faced with the burden of swelling medical expenses and increasing pension costs due to aging society, Japanese government and company should take some pragmatic measures. Under the circumstances, I think the government will have to increase its share of the public pension burden and Japanese companies have to develop business geared for elderly people in order to help reinforce the economy.
 In conclusion, everyone (individuals, companies, the government, etc) has to do an about-face in order to make up the new sustainable system. It is imperative that the government acts now before the problems become intractable.


2段落目の最後の文でforeign laborと書いてますがこれはいいのか疑問です。
でもGoogleのニュース検索で”foreign labor”を検索すると普通に色々な記事で使われてるし良いのかな!?