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Can people really live on Mars?


◆ Pros
 I believe that people can really live on Mars because it meets the conditions. In order for human beings to live on Mars, there are three conditions to meet which are technology to send humans to Mars, temperature that people can adapt to, and the existence of air and water and foods.
 When it comes to technology to send humans to Mars, human technology has already reached the level. It is scientifically stated that Mars is close enough to send people to it when it is at perigee, which occurs every 2 years, and it would take less a year.
 When it comes to temperature, the average temperature on Mars is around minus 55 degrees Celsius which are similar to the temperature of South Pole so that people can adapt to it.
 When it comes to air and water and foods, at the present Mars doesn’t have air environment in which people can live, but it will by creating water and planting seeds. Mars has oxygen so that, if people bring hydrogen there, people can create water and plants will grow. If there are water and plants, Mars will be like Earth where people can live.
 For the aforementioned reasons, I believe that people can really live on Mars.
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◆ Cons
 As the human population on Earth has been exploding exponentially and Earth environment has been so polluted, it is often said that people have to move to another planet and Mars is the most habitable. However, I do not believe that people can really live on Mars for the three following reasons.
 The first reason is that Mars has too much CO2 and too less oxygen for human beings to live on. Earth has about 0.034% of CO2 and about 21% of oxygen while Mars has about as much as 95% of CO2 and only 0.14% of oxygen. Human beings cannot breathe in this environment.
 The second reason is that Mars does not have water which is indispensable for human beings to live. Moreover, without water, plants cannot grow there. If plants cannot grow, people cannot have enough foods to live.
 The third reason is that Mars does not have enough magnetosphere, so that people cannot be protected from solar winds and its radiation which are too harmful for human beings to live with.
 For the aforementioned three reasons, people cannot really live on Mars so that we must find a way to solve overpopulation and protect earth environment.
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Date:April 28, 2013


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