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The advantages and disadvantages of technological development


◆ Pros
 Although there are certain disadvantages of technological development, it is very clear to anyone that technology has made amazing accomplishments and I would like to mention the two primary advantages.
 The first primary advantage is medical development. Today, life expectancy has been increasing exponentially, and people can enjoy their life with much less discomfort of suffering from many health problems, and diseases which had been considered to be incurable can be cured now. Considering these things and the fact that many people think that nothing is more important than health and human lives are irreplaceable, it can be said that medical development is surely one of the best things about technological development.
 The second primary advantage is convenience. Thanks to technological development, people can enjoy many things such as safe shelter, electricity, communicating with anyone anywhere in the world, getting information quickly, and so on. These things surely make our life so much easier and efficient. The fact that even people who are against modern technology never stop using it proves that convenience is one of the greatest things about technological development.
 As I mentioned, I believe that the aforementioned things, medical development and convenience, are the two primary advantages of technological development.
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◆ Cons
 Although now people enjoy the benefits of technology, there are also harsh aspects to it and now I would like to mention the three disadvantages of technological development.
 The first disadvantage is weapon of mass destruction. In World War I, it is said that chemical weapons caused about 1.3 million casualties and 90 thousand soldiers died. In World War II, it is said that atomic bombs killed more than 240 thousand Japanese people and many people are still suffering from the after-effect. Considering these things, people must admit that weaponry is one of the worst things about technological development.
 The second disadvantage is environmental pollution. Since the industrial revolution has damaged the environment dramatically, there are many environmental problems now such as global warming, air and water pollution, destruction of ozone layer, deforestation, acid rain, and so on.
 The third disadvantage is loss of human bonding. As cell phones and personal computers have become more and more ubiquitous, people have come to unable to build and enjoy good human relationships. People nowadays feel lonely and suffer from mental illness and even commit suicide because of lack of human bonds.
 Considering that these things wouldn’t have happened if it had not been for technological development, the disadvantages of technological development are extremely serious.
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Date:June 12, 2012


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