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The advantages and disadvantages of sports


◆ Pros
 Although there are some disadvantages of sports, I personally believe that sports are a great thing and now I would like to mention about the advantages of sports.
 Firstly, sports are good for physical health. It is medically validated that regular exercise prevents many diseases. Sports surely give people physical strength and health.
 Secondly, sports are good for mental health. This is also medically proved. People feel refreshed and cheerful after exercising. When people exercise, brain secretes serotonin and endorphin which are very important to maintain mental health.
 Thirdly, sports are one of the greatest entertainments in the world. Many people enjoy playing and watching certain sports. The Olympics and Soccer World Cup and World Baseball Classic are really popular. Moreover, people can enjoy friendship through sports because people who share their favorite sports often get along well with each other.
 Fourthly, from sports people can learn many important things about life such as the importance of perseverance, practicing the same thing again and again, how to achieve certain goals, how to lose gracefully, how to respect rivals, and so on.
 As I mentioned, I personally believe that sports are a great thing and these are the advantages.
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◆ Cons
 Although sports have many advantages, there are certain disadvantages as well.
 Firstly, too much exercise can cause many injuries. One can easily learn this from the fact that many professional athletes suffer from chronic physical problems due to exercising too much.
 Secondly, sports may make people too competitive because many sports are for competition and people are trying to win. This can be a serious demerit because life is not competition. No one is better than others. People are just all different and coexist by helping and supporting each other and respecting their differences. No one can live alone without help and support from others and not being able to respect the differences only creates conflicts. However, excessive competitiveness can blindfold people from these important things.
 Thirdly, sports can be a waste of money and environmental destruction. Big sports events such as the Olympics are known for costing a lot of money and the requirement of building a lot of facilities and infrastructures. Taking into consideration that there are many serious problems to deal with in the world today and the Earth's environment is already deteriorating, people cannot afford to waste money and damage the environment just for sports.
 As I mentioned, these are the disadvantages of sports.
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Date:June 07, 2012


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