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The pros and cons of anarchism


◆ Pros
 Although some people are against anarchism, I am for it for the three following reasons.
 The first reason is that anarchism can eradicate bribery. In this world, the government has too much power and politicians and bureaucrats have been lining their own pockets while so many ordinary people barely manage to make ends meet. However if there is no government, politicians and bureaucrats lose their power, and consequently bribery can be eliminated.
 The second reason is that anarchism can prevent international conflicts. It is government that wages wars. It is government that brainwashes its people to have antagonism towards certain people. It is government that deprives indigenous people of their lands. It is government that is responsible for almost all the wars and terrorist attacks and racism and hatred between countries.
 The third reason is that nobody has the right to limit other people’s freedom as the present governments have been doing. Government makes the rules called “law” and forces it on its people and incarcerates those who break it. Many people seem to believe that this is normal. However, is it really true? Is it really right that the government controls its people as they do now?
 For the aforementioned three reasons, I believe that the world will become a much better place if there is no such thing as government.
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◆ Cons
 Although some people are for anarchism, I am against it for the three following reasons.
 The first reason is that there will be chaos if there is no government. It is government that maintains public order. If there is no government and law, nobody knows what will happen. The government is prerequisite to social order.
 The second reason is that jobs of the government cannot be done if there is no government. Who will do diplomacy with other countries? Who will provide health care system? Who will maintain fundamental infrastructures such as water pipes, electricity, sewage systems, and so on? It is not easy for private businesses to deal with all these things.
 The third reason is that people will need the leader. Some people may say that people can cooperate to improve society without government. However, who will lead people’s actions? As the saying goes, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, disorganized activities never function. In order for many people to do something successfully, it is indispensable for someone to organize their actions, and the “someone” means government.
 For the aforementioned three reasons, I believe that government is essential for the world and therefore I am against anarchism.
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Date:September 25, 2012


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