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Is it a good thing that many people don’t watch TV anymore?


◆ Pros
 I strongly believe that it is a good trend for the following reason.
 The media have so much power to control public opinions therefore it could be extremely dangerous and unfair if the media is biased or the report leads to any discrimination or prejudice. For example, if the media have the intention to manipulate people to have hostility towards a certain type of people, people will be easily affected by it and hate the type, and fights and conflicts and even terrorism and wars could break out. If the media label a certain type of people as failure or wrong, then many people blindly believe it, and the ones who are labeled will unnecessarily suffer from inferiority complex, and, what is worse, some of the victims will never overcome it. However, the decrease in the number of people who watch TV reduces the number of brainwashed people and thus prevents these things. This is extremely important because, in this world where the majority suppresses the minority, there should be different opinions to prevent the majority from going too far, and coexistence with other beliefs by respecting different people as they are is the key to maintaining peace and people’s happiness.
 For the aforementioned reason, I strongly believe that it is a good trend.
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◆ Cons
 I do not believe that it is a good thing that many people don’t watch TV anymore for the three following reasons.
 The first reason is that it is simply a pity because there are many great TV programs. TV is a great entertainment and there are extremely interesting or funny programs on TV. Some people underestimate the value of funny TV shows, however medical science verifies that laughing is extremely important to maintain health both mentally and physically. People who do not watch TV miss the opportunity to enjoy this.
 The second reason is that academic standard may decrease. Some survey shows that children who watch TV often have higher scholastic abilities than those who do not watch TV.
 The third reason is that the number of people who know the events and trends of the world will decrease. TV is one of the great sources to know what is happening in the world and what kind of trends there are. Knowing these things is really important to live and contribute to the society. However, people who do not watch TV miss this opportunity too.
 As I mentioned, for the aforementioned three reasons, I do not believe that it is a good thing that many people don’t watch TV anymore.
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Date:February 15, 2012


◆ トピック:テレビ離れは良い事か?








@ 偏向報道による情報操作と洗脳
A 固定観念の植え付けと、そこから派生する偏見や差別
B (テレビの場合は)長時間見続けると体に悪い

C 素晴らしい番組もたくさんある
D テレビを見る子供のほうが学力が高いという調査結果がある
E 世界の出来事やトレンドを知る事が出来る


F 暴力的描写とその影響の懸念
G 人とのつながりやコミュニケーション能力の低下