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Advantages and disadvantages of being single


◆ Advantages
 Although there are a lot of merits of being single, I would like to mention the four primary advantages.
 The first advantage is freedom. Marriage entails a lot of responsibilities, duties, compromises, and so on. However, single people do not have these mental burdens.
 The second advantage is that being single does not cost much money than being married. Wedding and supporting family and putting children through school and getting divorce and paying alimony cost a lot of money. However, being single does not cost for all these things.
 The third advantage is being able to focus on career. Single people can put more attention to their careers than married people because single ones can spend time and money for themselves, therefore they can invest on self-development and career.
 The fourth advantage is mental health. There are a lot of people who get much unhappier after getting married. There are a lot of ugly cases such as domestic violence, messy divorce, child abuse, children’s delinquency, and so forth. Considering these things, being single could be a much happier way to live than being married.
 As I mentioned, these are the four primary advantages of being single.
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◆ Disadvantages
 Although there are a lot of demerits of being single, I would like to mention the two primary disadvantages.
 The first disadvantage is that being single at a certain age can be frowned upon by people. Generally, people believe that marriage is a good thing, and some people believe that marriage is the only way to be happy and being single is unhappy, and other people even believe that single people at a certain age are something wrong. There can be a lot of times when it is hard to go against these stereotypes.
 The second disadvantage is that single people may not experience pleasures which only family can give. Many people say that one of the happiest times of their life is when they got married and their children were born. Unconditional love is one of the biggest sources of happiness, and except between family members, it is not easy to experience it. Family is one of the strongest motivations for anything. Many people say that with family support they can do anything and having a wife or husband and children is the greatest thing in life.
 As I mentioned, these are the two primary disadvantages of being single.
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Date:February 12, 2012


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