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The pros and cons of the right to be forgotten


◆ Pros
 Nowadays the Internet has been popularized this much, a lot of people use many online services. Consequently it is almost inevitable that there comes a discussion whether the past on the Internet should be completely deleted and whether the right to be forgotten should be respected. Now I would like to mention about the necessity of the right.
 I believe the right to be forgotten on the Internet is really important because it will protect people especially young ones. For example, now that many people easily have their own blogs on the Internet, teenagers, who are oblivious to the consequences of their actions, start their blogs and write various things including some private matters or upload embarrassing photos which were taken just for fun. Then, after these teenagers grow up, some of them regret about what they wrote and uploaded on the Internet. In these circumstances, the right to be forgotten is extremely important because otherwise some of them have to suffer from humiliation on the Internet for the rest of the life.
 As the use of the Internet has been increasing more and more, now is the time to consider about the right like this. It will protect the privacy of you and your family. It will protect you and your family from the past you and your family want to forget.
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◆ Cons
 The right to be forgotten, a right to completely delete the things which the person who uploaded on the Internet wants to forget about later, has been a controversial issue these days, and of course there are some merits. However there are many problems about this.
 One should have the sense of responsibility for things which one uploads on the Internet. One should pay attention to what one writes online. One should be careful to respect the privacy of others and oneself. It is not hard to imagine that, if these things are neglected, there will be a lot of problems because more people will be more careless. For example, taking advantage of anonymity and the right to be forgotten, more people will write slanderous comments without respect for others. More people use the Internet for cyber-bullying. More people encroach on the privacy of other people.
 People become careful because once it is uploaded on the Internet it is extremely difficult to delete completely. The right to be forgotten makes people much more careless and the consequences can be disastrous. It is not such a right but each individual’s sense of responsibility and respect for privacy that protect people.
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Date:October 05, 2012


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