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Is parenting necessary?


◆ Pros
 I strongly believe that parenting is necessary because there are irreparable things in life. However, at the same time, people should understand that parenting is not forcing parents’ ideals on children. Let me explain.
 Firstly, as I mentioned, there are irreparable things in life. For example, once one said something, one can never take them back. Sometimes, words can hurt someone deeply and it will never be forgotten. Once one commits a murder, it will never be taken back. The victim will never revive, and the grief of the bereaved will never be healed, and the crime will never be forgotten. Therefore, before it is too late, children should be taught about this by parenting.
 However, people should understand that parenting is not forcing parents’ ideals on children, because it is not. I believe that the ideal parenting is to teach children the difference between subjective opinions and objective facts, and tell children that it is parents’ subjective opinion when it is, and give children as much information and options as possible, and let children have their own opinions and make their own decisions, and respect children’s opinions and decisions even when parents disapprove of them.
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◆ Cons
 I do not believe that parenting is necessary for the two following reasons.
 The first reason is that parenting can take great opportunities to make mistakes from children. The best way for people to learn things is to experiment, and make mistakes, and learn a lot and recover from them, and invent a better way to succeed. However, parenting can deprive children of these great opportunities and could even make children believe that it is wrong to make mistakes, and as a result, children become too afraid to take a risk and challenge. This is a real disadvantage because the world needs innovative and creative people to overcome many problems.
 The second reason is that parenting is ramming parents’ sense of values on children and it is unfair. Many parents think that they are right and their children are wrong when children did something parents disapprove of. However, it is never true. Because there is no such thing as right and wrong. The concept of what is right or wrong is a subjective opinion and it is unreasonable to force parents’ subjective opinions on children because children have the right to have their own opinions.
 As I mentioned, for the aforementioned two reasons, I do not believe that parenting is necessary.
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Date:February 12, 2012


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