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Will global warming ever stop?


◆ Pros
 Some people believe that global warming will never stop but I believe that it will stop by means of the four following ways.
 The first way is to stop working so much or to work in a more eco-friendly way because the biggest cause of global warming is through human economic activity. Of course it depends on the work, however, at least now generally, the harder people work, the worse global warming becomes.
 The second way is the development of eco-friendly and effective renewable power generations because one of the biggest causes of global warming is through thermal power generation burning fossil fuels.
 The third way is to increase the amount of trees because greenhouse gases are the main factor of global warming and trees are known to absorb these gases.
 The fourth way is to raise each individual’s sense of responsibility. Now that there are more than 7 billion people in the world, if every individual tries to be careful not to worsen global warming, it is obvious to alleviate it dramatically, comparing to the situation when no one does not care about it and keep deteriorating it.
 As I mentioned, I believe that global warming will stop by means of the four aforementioned ways.
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◆ Cons
 I believe that global warming will never stop for the two following reasons.
 The first reason is that the world has put too much emphasis on economic activity. Many people work too much, and as a result, global warming is exacerbated because economic activity is the main cause of global warming. Almost any economic activity requires the electricity and thermal power generation is one of the main power generations now and burning fossil fuels produces a lot of greenhouse gases. This trend is only accelerating and the amount of these gases people produce is only increasing.
 The second reason is that deforestation has been more intensified. Trees are a very important factor to stop global warming because they absorb greenhouse gases in the air and these gases are the major factor of global warming. However, people have kept cutting down trees. This trend is also only accelerating and the amount of greenhouse gases trees can offset is only decreasing.
 As I mentioned, greenhouse gases are the major cause of global warming, and the amount of these gases people produce is increasing, and the amount trees can offset is decreasing. Hence, it is obvious that global warming will never stop and only accelerate.
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Date:February 11, 2012


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@ 経済活動を減らす
A 環境に良い方法で働く
B 再生可能エネルギーを使った発電法の開発
C 森林の再生など、木を増やす
D 温室効果ガスを大気中から削減する技術の開発
E ソーラーパワー自動車等の開発で、排気ガスを減らす
F 個人の自覚を高める