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Agree or disagree: School is slavery


◆ Pros
 Although some people refuse to accept it, school is nothing but slavery and let me prove it to you.
 The definition of slavery is having someone as legal property and forcing them to obey and work and not paying them for their work and punishing them if they don’t obey. Unfortunately, the present school system completely meets this definition.
 Firstly, it is a legal fact that children are legal property of their parents.
 Secondly, school is obligatory, which means that children are forced to go to school.
 Thirdly, children have no option but to obey their parents and teachers and forced to go to school and work in class and even to homework because otherwise they are punished. If they don’t obey their parents and teachers, children are punished by scolding, spanking, whipping and so on.
 Finally, as far as I know, there is no school that pays salary to students, which means that children do not get paid for their work.
 As I mentioned, school absolutely meets all the definitions of slavery. Therefore it is definitely correct to say that school is slavery.
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◆ Cons
 Although some people believe it is, school is far from slavery and let me prove it to you.
 The first reason is that there are many students who enjoy school. A lot of surveys show that many students love and want to go to school. Letting children do what they want to do is far from slavery. Moreover, students have so many fun events and free time after school and long vacations and so on. Slavery is just to keep forcing people to work every day but school is not.
 The second reason is that education is one of the most effective investments for people and school provides student with it. The definition of slavery is forcing people to work for no money or no reward. However students receive one of the greatest rewards called “education,” therefore school does not meet the definition.
 The third reason is that students have so many options. One can choose what kind of school to go to and even whether homeschooling or going to school. Situation when one has so many options is not called slavery.
 As I mentioned, for the aforementioned three reasons, I do not believe that school is slavery.
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Date:April 27, 2013


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