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The pros and cons of a universal currency


◆ Pros
 Although some people are against a universal currency, I am for it for the two following reasons.
 The first reason is that international business and trade will be much easier and facilitated. One of the greatest risks about international business and trade is that currency rates go up and down. However if a universal currency is established, people enjoy international business and trade without risk of currency fluctuation.
 The second reason is that the current capitalism and global financial system have been breaking down and there is a need for more fair and sustainable and simple system. It is obvious that the world economic recession is out of control and the current world currency system is not working anymore. Under the circumstances, people should wake up from brainwashing of capitalism and materialism, and those who enjoy wealth and power by siphoning money from the poor should stop. However, these people will not act because deeply brainwashed people cannot see the truth and the current system is very convenient for politicians and bureaucrats. Therefore the best way to change this situation is to eradicate the current global financial system altogether and establish a new system and universal currency.
 As I mentioned, for the two aforementioned reasons, I am for a universal currency.
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◆ Cons
 Although some people are for a universal currency, I am against it for the three following reasons.
 The first reason is that Euro is such a failure. Many specialists say that Euro is a complete failure. This fact proves that a universal currency will not work.
 The second reason is that people will have to go back to ancient times if a universal currency loses its value. If a universal currency which is only one in the world loses its value, people will not trust the currency and buy some valuable things instead such as gold in order to protect their property. If this happens, the world will have to go back to the barter system again and it is inconvenient to carry heavy goods or gold bars every time people go shopping.
 The third reason is that a universal currency can facilitate dictatorship. If one country or one person has considerate amount of money, that country or person will have absolute powers. It is extremely easy to imagine what will happen if the country or person is those who care only about their own advantages and have no regard for other people.
 As I mentioned, for the aforementioned three reasons, I am against a universal currency.
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Date:June 20, 2012


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