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The pros and cons of shame culture


◆ Pros
 It has always been said that Japanese culture is shame culture and you only have to live there for a while to notice it and I believe that this is a good thing. Now I would like to mention about the advantages of shame culture.
 Firstly, it works as a deterrent of crime. The people’s beliefs that it is shameful to resort to violence or to steal something from others are one of the biggest reasons of Japan’s low crime rates.
 Secondly, it facilitates to enhance the academic standards. Most of the people believe that ignorance is shameful and this sense of shame is one of the great motivations for learning. It is psychological fact that it is a strong desire for human beings to want to avoid the unpleasant situation of being a disgrace.
 Thirdly, it helps to maintain the public order. What is needed the most to keep public order is each individual’s attitude and the common sense that it is shameful to be a public disturbance.
 As I mentioned, since shame culture has the many advantages, I believe that it is a great thing and hope many other countries will work the same way.
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◆ Cons
 Japanese culture is shame culture and this is the very cause of many problems. Now I would like to mention the disadvantages.
 Firstly, it is a very cause of any kind of discrimination and prejudice and bullying because people discriminate and prejudge and bully the ones who are defined as a failure by the society.
 Secondly, it is an extremely dirty conduct for the government to brainwash and control the people by this shame culture according to their convenience. For example, the government make the people believe that it is shameful that your salary is low because the government wants the people to earn as much money as possible and pay as much tax as possible.
 Thirdly, it increases the suicide rates. Hara-kiri culture represents the fact that many Japanese people choose death over shame and this is one the biggest reasons of Japan’s high suicide rates.
 For these aforementioned reasons, Japanese shame culture is the very cause of many problems. This concept of “shame” will never make anybody happy and we should graduate from the present trend to try to control people by stigmatization and I hope that this bad culture will be eradicated some day.
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Date:September 30, 2013


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