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Should the government invest more in public libraries?


◆ Pros
 I strongly believe that the government should invest more in public libraries for the three following reasons.
 The first reason is that books are treasures. Authors spend considerable amount of time to study the subject and put tremendous effort in writing them. Books are full of invaluable knowledge and wisdom and experience. It is natural for the government to protect the treasures.
 The second reason is that the more user-friendly public libraries get the more people read books and consequently the standard of education will be enhanced. It is no doubt that people who spend a lot of time reading are likely to be more intelligent than those who do not read books at all. The development and improvement of public libraries can be an effective form of educational enhancement.
 The third reason is that tax money has been despicably wasted. It is used for bureaucrats and politicians to live high on the hog while many people are struggling just to make ends meet. Considering this, it is much more reasonable for the government to spend the money on public libraries.
 As I mentioned, for the aforementioned three reasons, I strongly believe that the government should invest more in public libraries.
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◆ Cons
 Although I think it is a great way for the government to spend tax money on public libraries, now is not the time to invest more in them because there are many more threatening problems to deal with.
 The world economy has been facing one of the most serious recessions in the history. As a result, many people lose jobs and are struggling to make ends meet while bureaucrats and politicians have been lining their own pockets.
 The number of suicide has been increasing. As the world has been more and more capitalized, people have become more and more inhuman and cold to each other. Consequently, many people suffer from mental depression and some of them even commit suicide.
 The environment has been severely damaged. If the pollution continues at this rate, the earth will become uninhabitable for human beings.
 There are still many international conflicts. Brainwashed and possessed by the concept of “own” and the concept of what is right or wrong, many people still do not realize that human beings must coexist with respect to each other’s differences.
 The government cannot afford to invest more in public libraries until overcoming these aforementioned serious problems.
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Date:July 26, 2012


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